Colin Litton Award

OSYO Builders Award in Memory of Colin Litton

Colin Litton was a long-standing director on the Board of the Oakville Symphony (OS) before his passing in December 2020. Colin had an illustrious career in finance and accounting, including the appointment as a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Professional Accountants. He was a retired partner and National Director of KPMG’s Banking and Finance Practice.   Colin also served in various roles on many boards, including the Oakville Symphony.  He was instrumental in framing the strategy of OS including the purpose driven and thoughtful affiliation with the OSYO. Colin was known to be an innovator and builder, contributing significantly to the long-term sustainability and growth of both the Oakville Symphony and the Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra.

To recognize Colin’s contributions, OS and OSYO established an award to recognize the importance of youth and music. With the generous contributions from board directors of both the OS and OSYO, the OSYO is pleased to offer an annual cash award of $250 to an existing and continuing Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra (OSYO) musician.  This musician will demonstrate initiative within our community (inside and outside the OSYO) and display creativity in these efforts.  Overall, the deserving musician will have demonstrated characteristics which show that you are a true “OSYO champion.”


  • Current OSYO musician
  • Recipients can only receive award once during OSYO membership

Decision Committee

  • OSYO conductors
  • 2 board members


OSYO offers financial assistance to young musicians who require budget support in order to continue participating in the OSYO.

How do OSYO musicians apply for financial assistance?

The application for financial assistance is separate from the application and audition processes of the OSYO. Candidates who would like to apply for financial assistance must complete and submit the Financial Aid application form available via the OSYO website HERE.

All financial assistance applications must be submitted no later than September 30th to be considered for the coming music year.

If one of the musicians that would benefit from a partial bursary is over the age of 10, please include with the bursary application a paragraph (written by the musician) on what they have gained (or hope to gain) from participation in the OSYO this year.

How is financial assistance eligibility determined?

Financial assistance is offered on the basis of the family need. This includes, but is not limited to, the gross family income, information about dependents, and standing with OSYO. There are no predetermined levels or ranges used to determine financial assistance eligibility because many other factors impact on financial assistance eligibility beyond family income and dependent children. We understand that there may be family considerations that do not translate well in numbers.

When and how are decisions made?

The OSYO Financial Assistance Review Committee makes all decisions about the actual amounts of assistance offered. Applications for financial assistance are reviewed and evaluated independently from admission applications.

All candidates will receive the notification of decision (ie approval or rejection) by October 15th.

Should a family’s situation changes during the music year that requires financial assistance, please contact office@osyo.ca to discuss the situation further. The committee will consider exceptions based on individual circumstances.

Other Terms:

  • Financial assistance is provided for the current music year and cannot be carried forward to the next music year. Candidates need to re-apply every year.
  • Information provided during this application process is solely used for the financial assistance evaluation, will be kept confidential within the committee, and will not be used for other purposes.

Bursary Application