Message from the Chair & Executive Director

From the Co-Chairs

The Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra (OSYO) welcomes young musicians in Oakville and beyond to an exceptional orchestral experience. As part of the OSYO comunity, you will enjoy a rich blend of enriching rehearsals with like-minded musicians, stage performances, festival competitions, and travel experiences, all with the support and comradery of fellow musicians and dedicated conductors.

OSYO was one of the few youth orchestras that offered a complete season even through COVID demonstrating our resilience and commitment to musical growth.

 With every season, we are getting closer to our goal to become a premier youth orchestra in the region. Over the past several years we have grown from two ensembles – the Philharmonia and Symphony Orchestra – to four. The Sinfonia is for our youngest string players and a Youth Band for instrumentalists in grades 6 to 9. We encourage you to attend one of our rehearsals or enjoy a concerts to see the quality and depth of our young musical performances and their amazing conductors Caron Allen and Colin Clarke.

Our affiliation with the Oakville Symphony offers additional enrichment opportunities, such as mentorship and musical experiences across generations. Together, we have a common vision – to enhance the Oakville arts community and o foster the development of youth in their musical journey. Our collective vision is to see turn young people grow into life-long musicians. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events!

Kumar Balan and Gwen Liu, Co-Chairs

From the Executive Director



Alan Montgomery, Executive Director

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