OSYO Board, Parents, Staff and Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to members of the OSYO community, including members, parents, staff and volunteers while attending or participating in OSYO activities and events. OSYO activities include but are not limited to: concert rehearsals, concerts, transport to and from OSYO activity, breaks, retreat, tours, workshops, meetings or any other activity relevant to or requisite to OSYO musical or educational events.

Core Statements:

OSYO is committed to a safe and respectful organization and to a community free of harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

Harassment can take many forms including unwanted attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual or physical communication or conduct that serves no legitimate educational purpose.

Everyone has a responsibility to build safe and respectful culture.

The OSYO community shall:

  • respect the dignity of themselves and others, and act with consideration and good judgment in all inter- personal relationships.
  • behave in a manner that is consistent with OSYO’s policies.
  • recognize that their words and actions are an example to other members of OSYO and to the public and behave in a manner appropriate to the expectations and standards of the event.
  • exercise appropriate physical contact with each other and those they come into contact within the course of an OSYO activity.
  • not use OSYO, or any OSYO event, to promote beliefs, behaviors or practices where these are not compatible with the aims of OSYO.
  • recognise that physical or verbal abuse or any other form of abuse is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • exercise respect for the property of others, including materials loaned to them by OSYO.
  • not bring or consume illegal drugs whilst on duty or whilst responsible for students. Nor will OSYO members, staff and volunteers attend any OSYO activity under the influence of drugs. At activities within the music community that permits alcohol consumption, OSYO staff and volunteers on duty should exercise good judgement for alcohol consumption whilst responsible for students, or in the presence of students, and consider the impact of alcohol on the effectiveness of their performance of duties.

In the event of a conflict arising amongst members of the OSYO community, it shall be addressed by the Executive Director and/or ombudsman.