The OSYO has been an amazing experience for my daughter. This phenomenal organization elevates the individual talents of each musician to a new level as they learn to support each other, listen to each other, and work as a team in the context of an orchestra. The incredible experiences offered by the OSYO, such as music retreats and our trip to Vienna, have helped young musicians learn that individually they are great but together they can be something quite amazing. The OSYO staff genuinely care for their musicians and help them reach their own individual goals. This has been an incredible, life-changing and unforgettable experience. Thank you, OSYO!

Cynthia Franklin

The OSYO has played a major part in my growth as a musician. Practicing with other musicians every week, preparing for the concerts, the retreats and of course Vienna – are all experiences that went a long way in building my confidence. Colin Clarke is a great motivator and one couldn’t ask for a better conductor for our age group. Together with Carol Allen, they will ensure that every musician joining the OSYO family will thoroughly enjoy the experience. My years with the OSYO helped me with being selected for the Young Artists Award with the Oakville Symphony. As I prepare to start university in September, I hope to continue nurturing my love for music that was formed with the OSYO.

Alex Balan